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Landlord Insurance

Kellands Mortgage Services have access to a large selection of landlord policies and we are confident that we can obtain the best policy to cover all your needs.

Landlord insurance will protect your building and contents against fire, storm and flood damage, subsidence, explosions, burst pipes, and theft.

It is also important to consider further areas of cover when obtaining landlord insurance and some examples are summarised below:

Property Owners’ and Employers’ Liability

For investment property owners, this covers you for any costs that may be incurred by a member of the public, who may seek compensation due to injury or loss in connection with your property.

Cost of Alternative Accommodation

This covers a landlord for any costs incurred, should your property become uninhabitable and therefore tenants requiring alternative housing/accommodation.

Rent Guarantee

This will cover a landlord against the failure of a tenant paying their rent.

There are further options to be considered and it is essential that you discuss this with a specialist advisor to ensure you have the appropriate level of landlord protection in place.

Contact Kellands on 0161 929 8838 today for friendly, impartial advice.If you are purchasing a property to let, landlord insurance is essential. It is important to remember that standard residential buildings and contents insurance will not cover you or your property.

It is your responsibility to ensure you/your property are adequately protected and have sufficient and relevant insurance in place.

If you cancel an insurance contract you will not receive any money back or refund of premiums. They have no cash-in value.